IMER Mini Mix 60 Multi-use Mortar Mixer - FREE SHIPPING (Conditions Apply)

Manufacturer: Imer 
Product Code: 1193981

  • $1,299.18

The Mini-Mix 60 is a truly versatile mixing machine

Quickly and thoroughly mix mortar, stucco, thin set, dry pack mortar, epoxy, plaster and more. A drill motor and a bucket are so messy and require constant labor. Load up the Mini-Mix 60 and a 50 lb. bag of material is mixed in minutes... automatically

The Mini-Mix 60 comes with 2 sets of paddles.
The square steel paddle is very good for mixing thin set mortars. The Mix 60 also comes with a round steel paddle which is good for mixing mortar, stucco and grout.

The fully enclosed 3/4 h.p. 110v industrial grade motor with direct gear drive provides non-stop performance on any construction project. The Mix 60 mixer truly is contractor duty

The plastic bucket can be lifted by hand, or it can be rolled to the work area with the optional dolly, then accurately and neatly discharge

Labor Savings
The Mini-Mix 60 batches material automatically, freeing the operator for other duties.

Drum capacity: 14 gal.
Batch output: 12 gal. / 50 lb. bag
Motor rating: 3/4 h.p. 110v, 10 amp.
Paddle speed: 55 rpm.
Drum diameter: 24"
Machine weight (boxed:)64 (70) lbs.
Wheel size: 4" 


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