Non-Stop Speed Poles

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Pocket One Day's Worth Of Payroll Money Every Week

Using NON-STOP Speed Poles (storey poles) you can do that. Every week. On every job.

For a one-week job, you get paid the bid price whether you pay your men for 4 days or 5 days. Using NON-STOP Speed Poles you'll finish the job in 4 days and keep the fifth day's payroll money for yourself.

All you have to do is lay 5 day's worth of material in 4 days. Sound tough? Actually, your men are laying brick that fast right now! But they are wasting about 3 hours a day building leads. Turn the lead-building time into straight-wall time and they'll lay at least 20% more without ever realizing it.

Here's Why It Works:

The experts say your bricklayers spend as much as half their time building leads. If you could turn their total work time into nothing but straight-wall time, they would put in about 23% more material. With no leads to build, your men are laying at top speed all day long.

How It Works

The NON-STOP Speed Pole System is uniquely designed to accomodate both inside and outside corners as well as quoin corners. There are five basic pole fittings:

  • Top and Bottom fittings for outside corners.
  • Top and Bottom fittings for inside corners.
  • And one Universal Line Carrier.
  • Optional Top and Bottom fittings for 3/4" quoin corners

All poles supplied by Non-Stop are cut from our high-tensile 13-gauge STANDARD-DUTY tower tubing. They are straight, and much stiffer than the garden-variety tubing you will find.








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