Stabila LAR250 Fully Automatic Interior/Exterior Layout System (CLEARANCE)

Manufacturer: Stabila 
Product Code: 05600

  • $1,599.99
  • Save $150.00


The STABILA fully automatic Interior/Exterior layout system self-levels to help you create level lines for high risk construction projects both indoors and out. Powered up to 120 hours by 2 D batteries, this unit has a range of 1,150 feet and is accurate to less than or equal to 1/8in over 100 feet. Delivering vertical horizontal and square, this layout system is protected with a tough exterior over its metal housing for extreme drop, water and dirt protection.

  • Fully automatic rotating laser for high risk horizontal and vertical applications.
  • Jobsite tough: When laser and tripod are knocked over – no problem! 
  • Waterproof and dustproof certified IP 65.
  • Heat-resistant and cold-resistant.
  • Laser functions: Horizontal/vertical rotation, point/dot, Right angle (90 degrees), horizontal/level scanning line, Vertical/plumb scanning line, 5 degree single axis manual slope and variable speed/RPM.
  • Controlled slope – the levelling plane can be tilted 5° in one direction (on two axis) by remote control.
  • Working area with set receiver – up to 1,100ft/350 m diameter.
  • Digital receiver with clamp shows how far off you are from the control point with decimal, fraction, and millimeter accuracy. The receiver is designed to withstand a 10ft drop and is certified: IP67 dust and waterproof. In addition, there is visual and Audio guidance as well as front and back displays.
  • 5/8 - 11 tripod mount.


  • LAR 250 rotating laser
  • Digital receiver with clamp
  • 10-110 inch elevator tripod
  • Hi/Lo elevation rod, remote control, wall mount, magnetic target plate
  • Laser enhancement glasses
  • Hard shell carrying case
  • 2-D batteries
  • 2-AA batteries
  • Instruction manual









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