Non_Stop Elevating Scaffold

Canadian Distributor


• It DOUBLES your profit.
Mason contractors have bought more Non-Stop Heavy-Duty since 1976 than any other elevating scaffolding.
• The only elevating scaffolding designed specifically for cut-up walls.
• The most powerful winch - crank it one-handed, fully loaded.
• Never run a wall scaffold-high again.
• The most room - 8 boards up top.
• No BS Lifet
ime Guarantee.


• It DOUBLES your profit.
• Set it up and move it by hand or with a forklift.
• Laborers and masons stand at the same level for inside work with low ceilings.
• Land full pallets in open bays.
• Can go 80 feet high outside.
• No BS Lifet
ime Guarantee.


• It will DOUBLE your profit.
Use WORKHORSE on ANY wall under 25 feet, inside or out.
WORKHORSE fits any budget.
• If
WORKHORSE doesn't pay for itself in 5 weeks, we buy it back!
• No BS Lifetime Guarantee.

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