Product Information Videos

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An Introduction to our Company

Betamax Hoists and Accessories

Cariola Wheelbarrows

Simply the best wheelbarrow made!
...and it's made right here in Canada!

Heatstar Heaters

Husqvarna MS 360 Saw

Our Mixer Lineup - An introduction to our lines of mortar mixers

Bercomac Snowblowers

- How many feet is that?!

why you should BUY a mortarboard!

Arbortech AS170 Brick & Mortar Saw

IMER 107 Carryall

Husqvarna Pre-Mixed Fuel

Diamond Blades

What you should know

MS510 Masonry Saw
about the MS510

IMER 120 Plus

Dustless Products

Cutting with the Husqvarna Dust Shoe

The QuikPoint Electric Mortar Gun

IMER Minuteman II Series Barrel Mixer


Diamond Blades

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