Additional Cannon Bars & Accessories - Call for details

Additional Cannon Bars & Accessories - Call for details

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Cannon Chainsaw Bars and Accessories

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Cannon Hard Nose  

Hard Nose Bars are intended for use where a sprocket nose would be subjected to tougher conditions than normal. For cutting in water or abrasive areas that would seize a sprocket and cause it to fail prematurely. Available in .050, .058 or .063 gauge


Cannon Beaver  

Cannon Beaver and Otter Bars are the ideal accessory for firewood processors.
Available in

  • .404 pitch sprocket nose or hard nose versions
  • 27″ Beaver and 33″ Otter versions
  • Sandard .063 gauge


Cannon Carpenter  

Carpenter Bars have a very narrow profile and the bars have parallel rails; this means that the bottom of the cut is straight which is a big help when it comes to finishing and joining  lumber or logs together.

There are two sizes; one that cuts a 3″ top to bottom plunge cut hole and another that cuts a 4″ hole. The 3″ version, due to its very narrow profile can be used for making curved cuts such as you might see over an arched door threshold in a log cabin.

  • 3/8″ pitch .050″ gauge
  • 3/8″ low profile .050″ gauge
  • 3/8″pitch .063″ gauge
  • .404″pitch .063″ gauge
  • Lengths:  20″ and 24″


Cannon Harvester  

The Cannon Harvester power plus profile maximizes cutting power and chain speed while reducing damage from loose chain.
  • 3/4″ or .404″ pitch sprocket or hard nose
  • Motor mounts available for a variety of common harvester makes
  • Work Hardening penetrates deep to allow several rebuilds
  • .122 Gauge (3/4″) or .080″ (.404″)
  • Lengths from 17 to 55 inches
  • Precision ground groove


Cannon Arbor Tip  

Tip is reinforced with a custom cobalt alloy providing even more endurance.
For applications from wood carving to log home building.
  • Durable cobalt Arborist Tip (Nose diameter approx. 1- 5/8″)
  • Universal mount (C1) fits most small saws (<62cc) + H1/S1 available
  • Also available in sprocket nose
  • Available in Standard .050 gauge
  • Lengths from 16 to 20 inches


Cannon Competition  

Cannon Competition Bars are made for chainsaw racing at the highest level and accept low resistance roller nose sprockets.
  • Available with or without roller nose
  • Standard and hotsaw mounts available
  • Available in standard .063 gauge (.050/.058 upon request)
  • Many lengths available


Cannon SawMiller  

Cannon’s universal SawMiller is a great bar for a two-man team or for a portable mill operation. The bar will allow a user to mount up a couple saws, or a helper handle on one end. The bar is supplied with adapters to accommodate Husqvarna saws and both regular (066) and large (088) Stihl saws.

  • Universal motor mount fits all common portable mills
  • Can be used with two powerheads or a helper handle 
  • Available in standard .063 gauge (.050/.058 upon request)
  • Lengths from 44 to 96 inches


Cannon Slasher 

  • Double-ended
  • Motor mounts available for a variety of slasher heads
  • .122 gauge
  • Lengths from 44 to 96 inches


Cannon Bar Tips  

  • 3/8″ Standard
  • 3/8″ Narrow
  • 3/8″ Wide (3 rivet German)
  • .404″ Standard
  • .404″ Wide (3 rivet German)
  • .404″-.080 internal
  • .325″ Standard
  • 3/4″ Standard


Cannon Mounting Bars  

  • For use with augers winches and a variety of other attachments
  • Available in standard .063, 058 and .050 gauge


Cannon Adaptor Plates  

Adaptor plates are an economical way to allow a user one bar on two different saws. (for example, Stihl to Husqvarna or Stihl to Echo)










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