Husqvarna K3000 Wet Electric Quick Cut Saw 14" Blade

Manufacturer: Husqvarna Construction 
Product Code: 966799401

  • $1,270.30

Wet and dry cutting in one machine! Electric all-around wet cutter that minimizes the amount of water and slurry. With the optional Vac unit you can easily transform it into a dry cutter that generates minimal dust. Unlike other electric cutters, the blade rotates forward, cutting into the material efficiently with minimum effort from the user.


K3000 WET
Part No: 966799401
Blade diameter: 14"
Cutting Depth with vac: 4.5”
Cutting Depth without vac: 5”
Electric Motor: 120volts
Rated Output: 1800watts
Weight, No Accessories or Cutting Equipment: 17.4bs, 7.9kg
Sound power level: 108dB(A)
Sound pressure level: 95dB(A
Vibration front handle equivalent: 3.5(m/s2)
Vibration back handle equivalent: 3.5(m/s2)
Recommended minimum size generator: 5Kw
Wire / Cable / Extension cord size: 12awg / 50ft
Wire / Cable / Extension cord size: 10awg / 100ft
Elgard, Overload Protection: Yes
Pulling" Rotation: Yes
Easy Blade Changing: Yes
Replaceable arbor bushing: Yes
Wet kit: Yes

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