IMER Masonry 1000 - The Beast Block, Tile & Stone Saw

IMER Masonry 1000 - The Beast Block, Tile & Stone Saw

Manufacturer: Imer 
Product Code: 1188552

  • $13,999.99


The Masonry 1000 is made to cut through most field and quarry stone. It also has the ability to work with all types of precast products. With a 10 h.p. enclosed chain drive motor making cuts up to 15" in depth is possible. Load up the Masonry 1000 with stone or precast pieces weighing hundreds of pounds... this saw can take it!



The 10 h.p. enlcosed chain drive motor has the necessary torque required to cut through tough stones.

Plunge cuts are smooth and precise as the cutting head pivots on a case hardened axle.

The box steel frame is very rigid yet light for a saw of this size. Proven design techniques combined with high quality steel makes for one powerful and buffed Beast!

The cutting tray system is 1/4" thick high grade steel and includes a progressive crank feed system… cuts are made safely and accurately.

The wheelkit and the well engineered balance of the saw allow it to be rolled around by one person. The Beast is also easily handled by a forklift as lift slots are welded into a frame.

Blade diameter / Arbor shaft diameter 36" / 2-1/3" (60mm)
Max. cutting length (w/plunge cut) 26" (32")
Max. cutting depth 15"
Motor rating 10 h.p., 440v 3ø
Blade speed 910 r.p.m.
Weight (palletized) 700 (750) lbs.
Water pan capacity 12 gal.
Self-Priming centrifugal pump flow 3 g.p.m.
Length 84" (82")
Height 42" (44")
Width 74" (70”)







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