IMER Pull-Up 650 Hoist

IMER Pull-Up 650 Hoist

Manufacturer: Imer 
Product Code: 1140958

  • $4,478.60

When the loads are heavier and the distance to be lifted is higher go with the Pull-Up 650. Whether you need 650 pounds taken up 220 feet, or 1300 pounds up 110 feet with the accessory Pulley Kit, the Pull-Up 650 will get the job done...all on 110 volts. The motor and gearbox drive on the Pull-Up 650 are specifically built to perform heavy duty work. Robust performance and high quality are guaranteed, as these hoists are engineered and manufactured in-house.

Lifting capacity 650 lbs. / 1,300 lbs. with pulley kit

Lifting height  220 feet / 110 with pulley kit

Lifting speed  70 feet per minute

Motor 2 HP / 110 Volt / 20 Amps

Motor voltage 110 V 

Cable rope size 1/4"

Post Mount N/A

Track Trolley Included (pick IMER or Beta Max style)

Machine Weight  150 lbs.

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