LAX 400 Pro Liner Multi-Line Self Leveling Laser

Manufacturer: Stabila 
Product Code: 03360

  • $389.00

360 Horizontal line / Two vertical lines at 90 degrees to each other / Plumb points / Bright, crisp lines and dot / Works with or without receiver


  • Fully automatic, self leveling
  • 360 degree level line
  • Two vertical lines at 90 degree angle on floor, walls and ceiling
  • Plumb dot/points
  • Laser pivots 360 degrees inside the housing
  • Fast layout fine adjustment knob pivots the right angle lines left/right
  • The dual purpose base allows positioning on flat surfaces or on standard 5/8"X11 tripods
  • Built-in V-groove rare earth magnetic mount and vertical elevation height adjustment
  • Self-leveling mechanism automatically locks on shut-down to prevent transport damage
  • Pulsed laser lines for use with optional receiver #07330
Caution - Laser Radiation - Do not stare into beam
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