Magnetic Plate Level 2 Type 106TM

Manufacturer: Stabila 
Product Code: 34610

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Magnetic three chamber rectangular aluminum profile with reinforcing ribs / Two coated measuring surfaces / Suitable for overhead measurement / Standard end caps / Extremely long extendable spirit level

  • Strong re-enforced frame
  • Work Hands Free: Vertical, Horizontal, Overhead
  • Super strong magnets!
  • Fully sealed solid rail (six sided) extension eliminates deflection and delivers the smoothest extension movement available
  • Top horizontal vial is permanently positioned at eye level
  • Frame side opposite the stand-offs is a level measuring surface and straight edge
  • Vials are guaranteed for life never to fog, leak or require adjustments
  • Certified accuracy in the top read position: 1/32" over 72"
  • Plate height dimensions marked on the rail
  • One Horizontal (level) and two Vertical (plumb) vials

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