Imer Mortarman Step-up 120 Plus - Spray & Grout Pump

Manufacturer: Imer 
Product Code: 1106098

  • $24,999.99

High Performance Vertical Shaft Mixer and Screw and Stator Pump

IMER USA unleashes the next generation of medium sized pumps. The Step-Up 120 is ideal for those small to mid-sized jobs where a bigger more powerful pump is excessive, not cost effective or not practical because of power limitations.  

For spraying and pumping conventional mortar and premixed cements, fibre-reinforced and refractory cements, grouts, fireproof materials, self-levelling underlayments and waterproofing applications. 


Model IMER Step 120 1 Phase IMER Step 120 3 Phase
Voltage/phase 220/single phase 220/ 3 phase
Pump motor HP 3 5 low / 6.5 high
Compressor flow rate 9 CFM 11 CFM
Compressor HP 1 HP 3 HP
Max aggregate size (IM25L) 3/8" 3/8"
Max Flow Rate CY/h 2 1.35/2.75
Horiz Pumping Distance. 130 ft. 220 ft..
Vert Pumping Distance. 50 ft 100 ft
Hopper Capacity 4.25 4.25
Mixer Capacity 4.25) 4.25
Mixer Motor 2 hp 1.5 hp
Weight 888 lbs 900 lbs
Dimensions LxWxH 80.3"x32.2"x50.2" 80.3"x32.2"x50.2"






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