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In 1976, Heavy-Duty introduced such radical features as starting on the ground to eliminate moving your men at scaffold-high, leaving the x-braces in place, a powerful winch that can actually crank the scaffold with a full load of materials, towers that won‘t sway, or fold up and collapse, and simplicity that makes your men actually want to use it. We designed out all the small parts and backed it with a lifetime warranty. All that and more led contractors to make Non-Stop the industry standard in elevating scaffolding.

The Heavy-Duty you see today is the result of years of constant innovation, refinement, and fine tuning. It is still the only elevating scaffold to give you all these money-saving advantages:
  • The stongest winch on the market - twice as strong as anyone else‘s.
  • The strongest towers - guaranteed to never bend.
  • Rack Brackets to quickly bundle your towers and get them moved to the next job without lost parts. They save days over clunky bunk racks
  • The most working room.
  • Quickly adaptable to pilasters, end returns, just about any special situation you may encounter.
  • Sets up just as fast on cut-up work as it does on long, straight walls.
  • Non-Stop will DOUBLE your profit.



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