Non-Stop Telescoping Speed Poles

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Telescoping Poles - 8' to 15'

Telescoping poles are the newest innovation in our Speed Pole (storey pole) lineup. They set up fast on virtually any wall, and eliminate the headache of carrying around a lot of one-piece poles that are either too short or too long. Telescoping poles consist of a 1.25" square tube telescoped inside of a 1.5" square tube. Each one is 8 feet long. The 1.5" tube has two notches milled in one corner near the top so that when it's extended to the proper length, a screw can pass through the notch, locking the pole to length. Maximum length is 15 feet.

The third picture on the left is a mock-up of the telescoping pole with all the fittings installed. The arrows show the location of the notches cut in the top of the outer pole.

  • 1. The bottom fitting is installed just as described above.
  • 2. This is one of two line carriers used on telescoping poles. Your line will start on this carrier and will be raised with every course until you come to the second line carrier (3).
  • 3. This is the second line carrier. The screw that locks it to the pole is passing through the top notch, locking the pole to the proper length.
  • 4. This is a sleeve with a notch milled in a corner. Sleeves are used inside the fittings when they are on the smaller pole. They keep all the spacing right.
  • 5. This is the standard top pole fitting. On commercial jobs, this is where a commercial adapter is normally attached. If you look closely, you can see the sleeve protruding from the bottom of the top fitting. 







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